Where to Find Moen Replacement Parts for the DIY Homeowner

Moen Replacement Parts for Kitchen Faucet

Moen bathroom and kitchen plumbing hardware are quality products that are designed to last and last. Unfortunately things do wear out over time, and for a DIY homeowner on a budget, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to call a plumber to find and install those Moen replacement parts. You can order just about anything you need directly through the Moen website, and install it yourself too.

How to identify your Moen kitchen or bathroom fixtures

When the spout wand failed on the Moen faucet in one of our rentals, I was told by our local plumbing hardware store to call the Moen customer service line at 1-800-BUYMOEN for help. The lines were so backed up with customer callers that I decided to visit their website at ww.moen.com instead.

The website is a DIY homeowners dream, and will help a homeowner identify the model of Moen fixture, the name of the broken part, and the part number. There’s even an order form directly on the page that will let you type in the part number and add it to your shopping cart.

To identify the Moen faucet type from the Moen website, these instructions will help:

  1. Click the tab marked “Parts and Filters.” Click again on the pull down tab marked “replacement parts”.
  2. This opens up a new page entitled “Find your Product” which asks a series of questions concerning the type of fixture you have and where it is located. The range will be narrowed down to the various fixtures that meet your description.
  3. Scroll through the thumbnail sketches for your model name.
  4. Click on the green bar that reads “View/Order Parts.
  5. Once the order page opens, hit the .pdf link on the left of the page labeled “Exploded Parts View.” This will give you a piece by piece “exploded” view of the entire faucet or handle. The pieces are identified by name and a part number. It’s this part number than needs to be transferred to the order form. If the fixture comes in different finishes, be sure to note the type of finish needed to match the set you have in your home. It’s as simple as that.

Certain Moen parts are easy DIY projects for a homeowner, such as replacing a faucet or an aerator. With the exploded parts view in front of you, and DIY repair guide to refer to, you’ll have your Moen plumbing fixtures up and running again at a price that will fit within your budget.

If you need help make sure to reach out to your local plumber in Fontana.